In an unassuming art gallery hidden among the shops in West Hollywood, there is a quant, three room exhibit. 
At the opening last weekend, various hipsters gathered out front, sipping Chardonnay. 
Patrick Demarchelier has developed his career in the chaos of fashion and has traveled all over the world which luckily, he’s captured on camera for us to admire.
We started in a room of 60’s fashion photos, which was referred to as “The Bubble Girls” because of the pictures of models literally incased in large, plastic globes and placed in “hard to reach” locations, including an English river and in the trees of a European park. My friend and I searched for traces of Photoshop editing but realized that this type of technique didn’t exist back then. 

Next room, the supermodels.

He’s captured them all in their youth and has stripped them down to nothing.

We start with Kate Moss, an interesting choice as she ended the era of the supermodel with her waif look. It’s the controversial picture of her topless at age 15 in denim jeans. I just think of Calvin Klein.  Next to her is Cindy Crawford. A youthful, round, beautiful face and body are twisted looking back at us with hopeful eyes.

Christy Turlington, looking like a goddess with waist-length hair and Helena Christensen with her perfect figure posed gracefully in frames next to them. Further down the room we reach Alex Wek covered in black paint darkening her already gorgeous complexion. Around the corner, Scarlett Johansson is curled up on a vintage bed with a cocktail dress looking stunning, fresh and classic.

In the last room, where the drinks are being served, I laugh hysterically at a zoomed in picture of a small dogs view of the world. The photograph focuses on the height of  a teacup Chihuahua standing next to his owner. It’s a lineup of a family of three, including a really large dog with a view of only his legs, followed by the owner in the middle framing up to the woman’s rainboots, next to the full frame of the tiny, bug-eyed dog.

As we leave, we pass by actor Billy Blaze and hear whispering that Jessica Simpson is in the building while Patrick McMullen snaps it all on film.
As we grab a pricelist my optimism is demolished as “The Bubble Girls” retail for 100k. Well, maybe next year…

Images courtesy of theFashionSpot forums and www.demarchelier.net.