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Has the looming recession made you stop eyeing that $1000 bag and buying new shoes? Have you dropped your worn-once-and-never-again wardrobe policy? Have you changed your shopping habits, or not at all

I once wrote this ‘tough times ahead’ post in August about how several labels are losing millions of dollars and struggling to survive these bad times. Well, the future of fashion does seem a little gloomy, since some designers who are more avant garde are either forced to make changes aesthetically or risk taking a loss.

McQueen for example, had decided to go commercial because ”he wants to sell next Spring”…  maybe the sole dependence on his resort collections (which are responsible for 60% of his total sales profits) to just break even is not enough to please the money grabbing Gucci Group. Was he under pressure to go in that direction now that they have decided to add in big budget campaigns for McQueen? Hmmm…

After the Spring 09′ fashion month was over, the buyers came up with an overall report and feedback on the collections— ”Safe but a general lack of zing”. The buyers were hoping for pieces with a perfect balance between normal and special, but somehow the overly commercial Gucci seems to be a hit for most of them. They are still not keen on investing in more Gareth Pugh, Margiela over Gucci, or Dior, are they? For their ideal “safe but with a touch of zing” collection, most of them went for Dries van Noten.


I have to agree with them.

DVN’s collection is sophisticated and versatile, very suitable for chic working women. In fact, if the economy is bad, they are most probably dealing with those working women’s new shopping behaviour. They are the ones more affected by the recession than the teenagers or young ladies, who would just depend on Topshop or Zara.

Speaking of Topshop, the retail giants are reporting record profits in midst of the bad economy… apparently we, the still-in-school shoppers, are not affected by the recession. 

I am a little disturbed. After all, I am a budding fashion designer, so reports like how buyers are limiting the number of new labels due to bad economy is scary. Imagine the new designers who got their to-die-for breakthroughs to do a collection and present a critically acclaimed show, only to be turned down by the all important buyers, and ending up in debt…

Very careful planning is required, certainly.