Marie Claire has just anointed supermodel Christy Turlington with the title of  contributing editor. She will collaborate with the magazine’s writers on a regular column on topics including politics, mothers around the world, and her global travels for humanitarian causes.

The column is set to run every two to three months beginning with the magazine’s December issue which hits newsstands on Tuesday and features a piece on the 39-year-old model’s trip to Washington, D.C. to push for a Senate resolution on maternal health.

The announcement comes on the heels of the model/publishing heiress/socialite Lydia Hearst’s scandal which had the New York Post claiming that Hearst never actually wrote any of the articles that bared her name.

For Marie Claire’s part, its editor-in-chief, Joanna Coles, has been quoted as saying that she believes readers will take to Ms. Turlington’s prose because she has lived a relatively regular life off the runway adding, “we felt that Christy broke all the stereotypes of being a model, other than the fact that she’s beautiful — she doesn’t throw telephones, she talks to people as if she’s a normal person, she’s at Columbia University. People are interested in reading what she has to say.”

Turlington is married to actor Ed Burns and is the mother of two.

In addition to her familial duties, the model is an ambassador for the humanitarian group CARE, which lobbies for legislation that would improve maternal health care for mothers across the globe and she recently enrolled in a master’s course on public health at Columbia University.