Article excerpted from Sassybella.com

 “Anna Wintour, ousted from Vogue!”

“No, wait, she isn’t!”

“Actually, it all depends on Carine…”

The past few weeks have inundated us with sensationalist headlines presaging or denying the rumored retirement of the almighty editrix. Whether or not a kernel of truth lies within the furor hardly interests us: in a bleak season for fashion, anything Nuclear Wintour related is fascinating, healthy, and relevant gossip. With all eyes on 4 Times Square, an entire industry population awaits its own version of the Second Coming, twitching with feverish curiosity.











 Anna’s impact transcends fashion’s immediate sphere of influence and even pervades the radar of mainstream pop culture junkies, who at the very least associate the words “devil” and “Prada” with her name. In this sense, her notoriety outweighs her measurable achievements. Much the way Martha Stewart, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, and Paris Hilton drafted the blueprint for 2000’s star power through pissing people off, so does Anna.

Now, someone dreamed up the portable camp iconography needed to match the hyperbole: the “Save Anna” pop art campaign has arrived. Are you really surprised?

Graphic artist Christopher Sauvé — the man who currently helms DVF’s multi-visual empire — posted the stark, to-the-point design on his site recently, urging all who cross its path to print it, mount it, wear it, say it, and LIVE it: Save Anna!

“Take this graphic and make a T-shirt, bumper sticker, Facebook profile photo or poster. Together we can make a difference. We saved Britney, we can save Anna.” he says.

Are his intentions sincere or not? We can’t tell, but we can’t wait to spot our first “Save Anna!” sighting. We predict that, by Christmas, it will already be démodé.

Do your part and download the Save Anna graphic today!