Article excerpted from sassybella.com

Supermodel Coco Rocha wants you to entertain her!

As you may know, Miss Rocha started a blog, Oh So Coco, last month, and with every ebullient, endearingly girly post, her readership rockets. Coco — like all models, if Fashion TV is to be believed — not only likes to invent dorky dance routines, she likes to watch her fans emulate her own Irish step dance moves.

Correctly gauging the enthusiasm of her young, eager, and willing TFS fans, she’s inviting you all to have your moment of glory in her blogosphere.

Send her your wackiest video — “It could be your interpretation of a models walk, or maybe your animal who’s name is Coco, or perhaps it’s you and your friends roll playing your favorite supermodels” she says — and she’ll post her favorites on Oh So Coco for the whole world to see.