Famed avant-garde design master Hussein Chalayan will be honored wit his first solo show in Britain this month. The exhibit will feature some of the designer’s signature pieces and inspiration from the past 15 years. That said, the designer is not calling the exhibit a retrospective, saying that he considers himself, at the age of 38, too young for a retrospective. The designer adds that he considers the exhibition – titled “Hussein Chalayan — From Fashion and Back” — more of an art show with clothing. 

Chalayan’s show opens January 22 at London’s Design Museum and runs through the 17th of May. As to what visitors can expect from the 35 outfits on display – which include Chalayan’s table, LED, and Inertia dresses — the designer says people won’t see anything commercial, adding that he sees the outfits on display as his clothes in “their purist form, the monumental pieces.” 

One of the most interesting parts of the show, however, are the pieces from the designer’s Central Saint Martin’s 1993 graduate show — The Tangent Flows – where Chalayan buried his pieces in his garden and then dug them up before showing them. In addition, five short art films the designer has created will be up for viewing.

Lastly, to celebrate the show Chalayan and Puma AG — which has a majority stake in Chalayan’s business and is the exhibit’s main sponsor, have teamed-up to create two limited edition T-shirts which will be sold at the museum and at London’s Puma concept store on Carnaby Street. 

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.