When it comes to the fashions surrounding President Barack Obama’s inauguration day nothing was as hotly anticipated as what First Lady Michelle Obama was going to wear to the ten balls surrounding the momentous occasion. Mrs. Obama opted for a white Jason Wu gown and though it was certainly not a predictable choice, those who followed Mrs. Obama’s fashion choices knew that she was a fan of the young designer. The First Lady previously donned one of the designer’s outfits when she appeared on the Barbara Walters’ Special on the year’s most intriguing people episode along with her husband.

The 26 year old, Taiwan-born, New York based Wu has now – overnight — become nothing short of a household name. Perfect timing for Wu too as he recently announced an expansion plan that includes a new collection called the Exclusives — an eight piece capsule collection that is set to include three dresses, two jackets, a knitted cardigan, a knitted T-shirt, and a skirt priced between $390 and $780 wholesale.

As for the specifics on the Jason Wu gown, it’s a one-of-a-kind ivory silk chiffon dress with silk organza flowers, Swarovski crystal rhinestones and silver thread embroidery. CNN reported that the designer began to cry when he saw his creation on TV adding that he is amazed and awestruck, and telling the Today Show that he wanted to design a gown that would highlight her best features which is why he opted for white. Like Isabel Toledo and the other designers that the first lady has worn these past few days, Wu found out with the rest of the public that Mrs. Obama opted for his creation as no advanced noticed was given.

The personal hairstylist of First Lady Michelle Obama, Johnny Wright, has just inked a development deal to star in a reality show. Wright was responsible, among other occasions, for Mrs. Obama’s hair during the Democratic National Convention and for her now confirmed upcoming appearance on the cover of March’s Vogue.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.