Stella McCartney sure loves her jumpsuits. She spoke about the convenience of the one-piece in her discussion with Simon Doonan at Barneys, right after her Fall 2009 trunk show. 
The British designer caused a stir when she wore a jumper to the Fashion Institute Gala. Before introducing her, Doonan said that McCartney looked ‘fierce’ and that he was dying to know where she got her passion for the jumpsuit – “Is it like a Pussy Galore situation? Some designers are quite monosyllabic, but Stella’s a spirited girl with a fabulous sense of humor.”
For her 2010 resort collection, the jumpsuit was back.  Of particular note was a version inspired by the last-minute black lace jumpsuit that McCartney put together for the Costume Gala. Unlike her typical color palette, McCartney’s 2010 Resort collection presentation, held in her absence at her L.A. boutique in honor of World Environment Day, was heavy on the black and white.
There was a sporty, comfortable side to the collection with a number of loose silhouettes. A resort  affinity came through via some floral notes – in particular in the shirt dress – and bright sequins, along with nautical touches (think striped sweater dresses).

The tailoring of the blazers and the jackets is especially beautiful. I love the cool, male-influenced cuts that McCartney often seems to be drawn to. Her quirkiness, which she first displayed with her tongue-in-cheek references emblazoned on tops and dresses at Chloe, comes through with the designer’s choices of bold jewelry that included huge geometric bracelets and necklaces.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.