Budding fashionista Emma Watson may not be coming out with a fashion line anytime soon, and so it seems like another celebrity is quickly taking her place as the industry’s unlikely fashion plate. While many of us may have been surprised by the news that English pop music singer and songwriter Lily Allen was tackling jewelry, she said that it was a pretty natural next step. In an interview with Vogue’s online website, the songbird revealed that she has always loved jewelry and considers baubles to be the final touch in completing an outfit. The collection will follow Allen’s dress collection for New Look and a handbag campaign for Chanel where the British singer was made up to look like a princess. The Chanel ads will hit magazines in October of this year.

The jewelry line, according to Vogue, was made with considerable involvement on Allen’s part, and was influenced by Chanel and Dinny Hall jewelry, among others. It will be made up of nine different ranges, including coins and medallions, flowers, traffic signs, acid faces, girl charms, fruit, animals and poodles. The singer said that she was really pleased with all of the designs and that she her team worked hard on getting them exactly how they wanted them “from choosing the right chain length and thickness to deciding what should be in gold and what looks better in silver. I do love the animals though – the pandas are fantastic.”

The line is slated to hit in late September, and its target demographic is women ages 14 to 40. While I have my reservations about her dress collection, I think that Allen’s eclectic style lends itself well to accessories, and I look forward to seeing what she brings to the plate.