Seeing Double: Miley Cyrus and Rita Ora Have a Case of Split Pants Personality Disorder (and More Matching Celebs)

Sometimes you love a designer piece so much the first time a celeb takes it out for a spin that you look forward to seeing it come around again on the red carpet… and there are some mistakes that should never be repeated. In this week’s roundup of matching stars, we’ve got a little bit of both. Check out these celebrity double-takes and weigh in on which star you think makes the look her own.

Double-Take #1: Miley Cyrus and Rita Ora Have Split-Pants Personality Disorder in Ashish

Photos: Bridow/WENN.com, Ollie Millington/Getty Images

Photos: Bridow/WENN.com, Ollie Millington/Getty Images

Miley Cyrus finally did it—she found the solution to those times when you just can’t muster the energy to fully change out of your sweats and get out the door. When she wore these hybrid sweat-denim pants by Ashish to a recent Myspace event, we were shocked that she found a way to out-zany even Rihanna’s double-denim design for River Island and we thought for sure nothing could top these pants. Until Rita Ora wore the designer’s half-light-wash denim, half-black sequin pants while performing at the T in the Park festival.