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Camila Alves: The Macy’s INC International Concepts Ambassador Has Beauty, Brains and Style


No doubt you've heard of Camila Alves and seen her on the arm of her A-list husband Matthew McConaughey, but there's a lot more to this beauty than being actor arm candy. 

Mother (of three), handbag designer, model and brand ambassador, Camila Alves has her hands full, having achieved professional and personal success at the young age of 31. Brazilian born to a farmer father and designer/artist mother, she spent her childhood frolicking between the beaches and farmlands of her native country. At age 15, she visited an aunt living in Los Angeles and that was the last year she would live in Brazil. She spent the next four years learning English and working as a waitress before heading to New York City when she was 19 to try her hand at modeling. Though she didn't become a household name like Gisele, she had a run of successful campaigns. She also designed a line of handbags with her mother that sold in Kitson, among other boutiques. She then added host to her resume, as the star of Bravo's reality show Shear Genius


It was in 2007 that she met the man she would marry, in 2008 she gave birth to her first child, followed by her second in 2010 and her third at the end of 2012. You might be tempted to think she's got enough on her plate at home, but Camila is a working mother, taking on projects in which she believes. The most recent of which is a brand ambassadorship for Macy's private brand, INC International Concepts, starting in April of this year.

It makes sense that Macy's would choose Alves, the embodiment of the American dream, but that's not the only reason the partnership works. Alves has a sense of style that veers towards the everywoman — in the best way possible. She certainly knows how to glam it up on the red carpet and looks gorgeous every time, but street style photos show a woman who keeps it classy, on-trend and colorful, yet never over-the-top. She loves to mix high and low. She told Racked  that she still ventures to old Cali haunts to hit up her favorite Goodwill stores. And she swears by the 99 cent store in the South Bay region saying, "And this is going to sound funny, but they have the best 99 cent store there. They have nice stuff, seriously."

Beauty, brains, self-confidence and a realistic perspective on everyday shopping and fashion, what's not to love about Camila? 


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