Get the Celeb Look: Plaid Pattern Play

We were inspired this week by Katy Perry's appearance in Germany to celebrate the launch of her fragrance. Wearing a plaid-but-not-obviously-so skirt suit, she looked chic and even, dare we say, a little retro Euro? Plaid is the standard for fall, but we're really digging how celebs are wearing it—in button-downs, yes, but also in slightly more abstract patterns (bigger lines, etc.) and on unexpected silhouettes.

celeb gtl plaid celeb collage


Katy Perry's got a neat schoolgirl-meets-German lady look going, finished with a pretty braided crown hairstyle and hoop earrings. We dig the color combos going on here. Jennifer Garner looks appropriately casual in a red plaid button-down to take her daughter on a trip to the library. Even Lady Gaga is doing plaid, but, as you can expect, decided to forego the pants. You can work this look with leggings instead of bare legs (or teeny shorts). The platformed boots elevate the look. Anna Kendrick looks cool but spirited in a plaid-front moto jacket. Topping black pants and a black shirt, this is an easy way to get a statement look.

Have your favorite plaid, below:

celeb gtl plaid product collage

1. ModCloth Plaid Top — $39.99; 2. Capulet Plaid Dress — $206; 3. Topshop Plaid Print Shirt — $80; 4. ASOS Top — $37.97; 5. ASOS Curve Pinafore Dress — $70.88; 6. Madewell Plaid Skirt — $78; 7. Pendleton Wool Jacket —$148