Get the Celeb Look: Plaid Pattern Play, The Sequel

As we've discussed before, plaid (and all its cousins, tartan and even gingham) is the pattern of the season. It always makes sense and can be dressed way up or way down. Celebs have been stepping out in all sorts of plaid gear, from overcoats to, uh, well we're not sure what to call Lady Gaga's garment…

celeb gtl plaid pt 2 celebs


Gwen Stefani looks positively put-together in this all-black ensemble, topped with a butterscotch/crimson plaid overcoat. That striking red lip and cool shapely glasses certainly don't hurt her cause. Daisy Lowe mixed casual/upscale nicely by topping a bodycon dress with a boxy dark-plaid jacket. Note the upturned, contrasting cuffs. Marc Jacobs—yep, we brought a dude into this!—is going kinda springtime in his baby blue coat but we're not complaining. Lady Gaga looks her signature combo of weird and fierce in this plaid ensemble. If you want to mimic it closely we'd recommend working some DIY magic over a hula hoop.

Let this classic print keep you warm this winter:

celeb gtl plaid 2