Style Showdown: Angelababy and Alicia Keys Get Colorful in Stella McCartney’s Infamous Saskia Gown and More Matching Celebs

Even though Stella McCartney’s Saskia premiered back in 2012, its dynamic nature has kept the sleek cut-out dress a red carpet darling over the past 12 months, with and without that signature gold belt. We’ve already covered two stars clashing in the black version and now the yellow interpretation becomes the center of a showdown. A red and black plaid dress along with a strapless Dolce & Gabbana round out this week’s battles. Now it's your turn to let us know who you think triumphs in each stylish scenario.

Double-Take #1: Angelababy and Alicia Keys in Stella McCartney


Images: Getty, WENN.com

Selecting a vibrant shade of yellow pretty much guarantees a standout moment on the red carpet. That’s probably why Angelababy went with this citrus-colored Saskia toward the end of this month at the Bazaar Jewelry Gala Dinner in Beijing. She capped off the look-at-me look with a pair of red heels. Alicia also picked the designer’s sunnier edition at the beginning of December down in Sydney for the 27th ARIA Awards 2013. A pompadour-style hairdo and a chunky statement necklace wrapped up the look. Did Angelababy or Alicia shine brighter in this golden gown?