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11 Celebrity Instagram Poses You Should Steal

Looking for more likes on Instagram? Take a pose out of a celeb’s playbook and see what happens. We’re not saying anything will — we’re just bookmarking these poses as Insta-inspiration for impromptu summer selfies. These ideas may come in handy during your next spell of Instagram block.

1. Side Hot Dog Legs

Kim Kardashian is always looking for a way to show off her curves. Try this little twist on the traditional hot dog leg selfie to exaggerate curves and show some scenery in the shot.

2. Lean-In Pout

Selena Gomez leans in to pose with Sam Smith and pouts her lips into a subtle duck face.

3. Nails-Over-Face Selfie

Take a cue from Katy Perry and cover your face with your hand to showcase your manicure.

4. Hold It Up

Want to show what you’re up to? Keep it simple and hold up some props like Lauren Conrad.

5. Angle From Above

Demi Lovato may be getting press for her makeup-free photos, but the girl knows how to work the dolled-up look just as well. Hold your phone above and look down for an interesting angle to display your beauty.

6. Bathroom-Hug Selfie

A snap in the bathroom mirror is no new thing. Enlist a partner to pose with and get close, like Miley Cyrus and younger sister Noah.

7. Travel Selfie

Kelly Rowland doesn’t just use Instagram as a mode to announce that she’s with child, but also to show her travels. This pose works great when you’re someplace cool and don’t have someone to capture a photo of you. It’s also awesome if you have a zit on one side that you don’t want memorialized online.

8. Outfit Outline

Not an easy photo to get right, Hilary Duff’s outfit of the day shot (she forgot the OOTD hashtag) captures the silhouette of her ensemble while the shadows keep details to a minimum. 

9. Look Excited

Exaggerate your excitement and it will be more apparent in the photo. Just ask Beyoncé. This was the first photo she posted on Instagram with Solange after the whole elevator fiasco. Throw your hands up, kick a leg out and smile with someone.

10. Look Onward

Capture you and the view in this reflective pose as seen on Jessica Alba‘s Instagram.

11. Hand Pose

Remember this pose the next time you want to showcase your bracelets, rings and manicure in one shot.