Sneaky Celebrity Tattoos You Probably Don’t Know About

Sometimes it’s almost impossible to not be in-the-know about celebrity tattoos. I mean, we could pretty much tell you every head-to-toe tattoo Rihanna has after following her now-deleted Instagram account, or seeing snaps of her all-revealing CDFA outfit. Cara Delevingne’s ink selection is pretty public too, including the “Made in England” and love heart tatts that helped inspired her capsule collection of bags for Mulberry.

But other stars keep their ink well hidden, and it’s only when you look really hard or catch them in the right angle, that you spot their best-kept secret. It can be wrist tattoos or easy-to-miss tattoos on a rib cage, neck, foot or ear, so we’re bringing these undercover artworks and quotes straight to you. While some are good enough to be flaunted all day, every day, others confirm why these tattoos have been under wraps for so long.

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