10 People Vanity Fair Forgot on Its International Best Dressed List

Vanity Fair released its International Best Dressed list, and while you’ll find obvious contenders like Lupita Nyong’o and a few surprises like Pharrell Williams, the list is missing a lot of well-deserving people. We get it: Graydon Carter and crew love European royals and New York City socialites. But if this list isn’t seriously lacking in top-notch stylistas, we don’t know what is. Besides the fact that an “internationalbest dressed list has so few people of color, there are several extremely stylish people who have donned outfits that have made more of an impact than, say, Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark.

We respect Vanity Fair, but long story short, this list could do with a couple well-placed additions. Below are 10 people who did not make the list that should have totally been on there.