Street Style: Celebrities Do Fall Right

Celebrities tend to dress in extremes — they’re either 100 percent gussied-up and hitting the red carpet or 100 percent dressed down, dashing from Starbucks to a workout session in slouchy sweats. There is a happy medium, though, involving celebrities you’d expect in outfits that really impress.

Today, we’re looking at some of our favorite celebrity street style stars for inspiration for our own dressing come fall, when the leaves are turning and the air is crisp. The outfits that get us super-stoked? Ones that look great, but don’t translate as super-pricey. They’re realistic enough for us mere mortals to take notes on and mimic within our own means. What follows are some hints on how to dress up overalls, plain evidence that long-sleeve mini dresses are perfect and how to think about transitioning what you’ve been wearing all summer into what you’ll wear all fall.