Young Hollywood: 16 Rising Stars to Know and Love

Age ain’t nothing but a number, and in Hollywood, as fickle and vain as it may be, when it comes to talent, nothing is more important than a starlet’s resume, especially those that are the young up-and-comers breaking out onto the scene. Over the course of the year, there have been several young actors who’ve captured our attention, enlightened us with their fresh perspectives and performances, and most importantly, made us sit up on the edge of our seats waiting patiently for their next new roles.

Unlike the budding actresses on this watch list, we weren’t as impeccably dressed as Kiernan Shipka at age 14, or filling our time starring in Miu Miu campaigns like Elle Fanning and Hailee Steinfeld, or even gracing the silver screen for the first time alongside George Clooney like Shailene Woodley. Some of these promising stars are already household names, but take a moment to brush up on the new kids on the block and commit their resumes to memory.