Happy Britney Spears Day! We’re Celebrating with 17 of Her Best Denim Looks


Thanks to the good folks in Las Vegas, American treasure Britney Spears has her very own day, dedicated to celebrating her awesomeness. Britney Spears Day, not to be confused with Britney’s birthday (December 2), is a day where we can all let loose and enjoy all that Brit-Brit has blessed us with over the years. Today, you finally have an excuse to break out that Dream Within a Dream Tour T-shirt you bought in 2001, spray on your favorite scent of Fantasy and listen to nothing but Britney for 24 hours. 

We at theFashionSpot are stoked that it’s Britney Spears Day and we’re taking the opportunity to celebrate because, well, she gave us the gift of “Oops!…I Did It Again,” and we don’t know how else to repay her. If there’s anything we know about Brit, it’s that she loves a good pair of jeans. So, in honor of the pop singer’s big day, we give you 17 denim looks that prove no one can wear jeans like Ms. Spears.