Jeremy Scott on How Katy Perry Managed Four Costume Changes at the Super Bowl Halftime Show

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

Whether or not you’re a Katy Perry fan, you can’t deny that the singer put on quite an impressive production during last night’s Super Bowl halftime show. A crucial element of the show, of course, were the costumes, which Katy tapped Jeremy Scott to put together. Scott, who was not compensated for the looks he created, dished on how he managed to get the singer into four different looks during the show’s roughly 10-minute period. “The concept is kind of like a Russian nesting doll where you have things on top of things, and then you put something else on before you take something else off. It’s been more of a math and science lesson about layering, how to hide and to have her have big reveals,” he told WWD.

Scott realized how ambitious it was to do so many looks, but for Katy’s big moment, they made it work. “I don’t think anyone has taken on four costume changes for a Super Bowl performance ever. I really have to give it to Katy for rising to the occasion. We were originally only going to do three and I actually encouraged her to do a fourth.” It’s the Super Bowl after all, go big or go home.

View all of her Jeremy Scott and Moschino looks below.

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