Why FKA twigs Should Be on Your Style Radar

When magazines like Vogue, W and InStyle are heralding you as one to watch, you’d better be prepared for an onslaught of admirers. That’s exactly the situation Tahliah Barnett, known to the world-at-large as FKA twigs (a name she reportedly selected based partially on her habit of cracking her thin fingers — FKA, which stands for “Formerly Known As,” was added to avoid potential conflict with a similarly named band), finds herself in currently. The U.K. songstress/dancer released her debut EP back in 2012 and has always laid claim to an eccentric sense of style, which is only now finally beginning to get its due. Her fashion sense can be rather hard to pin down and properly define, just think of Rihanna with a dash of Nicole Richie’s boho sensibilities, but all original. FKA twigs covets everything from vintage to off the runway, often giving looks her own unique take.

She has also been making headlines lately because of her relationship with Robert Pattinson. “Sometimes I really struggle having my picture taken,” she lamented to Vogue. It looks like FKA twigs better get used to people taking her picture since she’s prime to be a real fashion force. Check out some of the singer’s onstage and red carpet looks below, then let us know if you think all this praise is well-deserved.