The Blonds’ Best Celebrity Moments, from Beyoncé to Miley

Design duo The Blonds, Phillipe and David Blond, may not have the name recognition of, say, Marc Jacobs. But we guarantee you’ve seen not one, but several of their designs. It’s the go-to brand for your favorite artists, from Beyoncé to Nicki MinajMiley Cyrus to Katy Perry. And yes, Madonna and J.Lo. They’ve dressed them all. If ever you see your favorite performers in a stunningly over-the-top, sequined bodysuit that fits like a glove, it’s likely from The Blonds.

The dazzling design team took a few moments to chat with us about their celebrity creations (which we pulled together in a gorgeous slideshow for you) and what it’s like to work with such incredible divas. Aspiring rock stars, take note: This is what you wear to be fabulous.

theFashionSpot: When you’re working with celebs, how involved are they in the design process?

David Blond: Very involved! Every client relationship, celeb or not, is a collaboration.

tFS: Do you keep your celeb clientele in mind while designing your RTW collection?

Phillipe Blond: We are influenced by so many mediums! Art, film, music all inspire us when creating a collection. So, we always have them in mind when their music is on blast in the studio.

tFS: You’ve done costumes for everyone from Madonna and Rihanna to Katy Perry and Beyoncé. What was a real high point for you?

DB: All of the above! Every moment with these clients is a high point and our most recent collaboration with Madonna for her “Living For Love” video, styled by B. Åkerlund, was amazing! We’re super excited for the Rebel Heart Tour!!!

tFS: Is there a particular favorite costume or look? (Hard to choose!)

PB: Most recently the Holy Mountain camo parka from our Fall 2015 collection! That was crazy cool and very different from anything we’ve done before. Giant 3-D camo paillettes!

tFS: Is it challenging to work with celebrities ever? Or do you find them to be equally creative?

DB: Every project is different and it is always interesting! The most challenging part of the job is typically the editing process.

tFS: You’ve become the go-to in the music world for incredible stage looks. Are you looking at all to break into RTW more heavily?

Both: Absolutely!! Stay tuned!!

tFS: What’s next for you guys? You have your own Barbie, you’re pretty much rock stars. What do you want to do now?

Both: We would definitely like to expand The Blonds’ brand and branch out into things like fragrance, cosmetics and RTW, of course. We want it all!