10 Times Sarah Jessica Parker Dressed Better Than Carrie Bradshaw

When an actress is practically inseparable from her on-screen persona, comparisons will inevitably be made. See: Sarah Jessica Parker and her fashion-fearless alter ego Carrie Bradshaw. Carrie’s stylish evolution throughout Sex and the City became a focal point for its legions of fans. What will Carrie wear this week was equally as important as whether you were Team Big or Team Aidan. So naturally, SJP’s style off-camera has had the fashion world fixated. Case in point: The actress has appeared on the cover of Vogue six times and has even launched her own shoe line, SJP Collection.

Nowadays, the mother of three can rock jeans and a puffy jacket or elaborate outfits that’d make Carrie jelly. To mark Sarah turning the big 5-0 today, here are 10 times she one-upped Carrie’s fashion sense over the past several years.