Best and Worst Celebrity Coachella Outfits of All Time

OK, we admit it. When it comes to star-spotting at Coachella, we enjoy the fashion misses just as much as the certified hits. Where else but at the desert festival will you see celebs decked out in fabulous fringe, crazy short shorts, garishly patterned pants and floppy hats? Thanks to bindis and headdresses, the cultural appropriation factor is often off the charts in Indio, California, which is a definite “don’t” no matter how you spin it. All of this boho-centric style may need to be taken with a grain of salt, though, since rumors abound that stars are paid rather handsomely to make the festival rounds and Kate Bosworth even came under scrutiny a few years back for reportedly working with her stylist to develop her strategic laid-back wardrobe for the event.

Despite the behind-the-scenes style drama, Coachella is still the place to witness some truly inspired festival getups. So, we took a trip in our way-back machine to unearth some of the grooviest and lamest ensembles over the past five years. As several celebs are festival mainstays, it’s not surprising to see a few faces make both the best and worst dressed lists. We can’t all be winners every time, right?