8 Times Rihanna Wore a Jacket as a Top and Looked Awesome

Choosing outerwear that coordinates with your look can be tough. Will the coat hide your dress? Does your cape match your shoes? Maybe that’s why Rihanna more often than not chooses to throw out the rest of the outfit and wear just the jacket. Ri-Ri loves pushing the envelope, after all, and dressing herself in outerwear (sans innerwear) is one fashion dare she’s rocked more than once—or twice. Try eight times. Unafraid to defy the rule that says you should choose between legs and cleavage, sometimes she even skips the pants. Hey, if you had a sick chest tattoo of Isis, maybe you’d take every chance to show it off, too. Click through to see the eight times that Rihanna did just that, wearing a jacket—and little else.