5 Minutes with Conchita Wurst: Who She’ll be Wearing to this Year’s Eurovision

For Europe, the Eurovision Song Contest has the equivalent type of hype as the American Super Bowl, and despite its legion of fans who are actually engaged all year around discussing the event on social media, in recent years its winners are often one hit wonders who disappear without a trace.

A massive exception to this rule is last year’s Austrian winner Conchita Wurst, a name that every European household has now become more than familiar with for all of the most positive of reasons. Now, not only does Conchita have\one of the most enviable of designer wardrobes possible, a waistline that’ll make you never touch carbs again, and a voice that’d give Mariah a good run for her money, but also an immaculately groomed beard that’s integral to her image.


Our beautiful winner! Congratulations @conchitawurst. Congratulations #Austria! #Eurovision

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That’s right Conchita Wurst, or Tom Neuwirth when she’s not performing, is an inspiring drag artist taking a strong stance for tolerance and against discrimination. As a member of the LGBT community, Tom has been experiencing discrimination throughout his entire life and so created Conchita’s innovative image to send the world an important message that your appearance, gender or ethnicity shouldn’t matter.

Despite Conchita’s hard work however, she still struggles to identify herself as an inspiration and told us, ‘I find it almost unbelievable to hear when people tell me that their lives have been inspired by what I do. I just say do whatever you want with your life if you’re not hurting anybody. You can dress however you want, create whatever you want. Just make your life fabulous as you’ve only got one. That’s exactly what I aim to do.’

There’s no denying that Conchita’s style is anything short of fabulous either, so as we managed to grab a moment with her during the Eurovision’s 60th Anniversary Conference held at the swish BAFTA building in London, we had to ask her a fashionable question or two.

The Fashion Spot: What inspires your look?

Conchita Wurst: There are so many different people who inspire my look but usually I always wake up and ask myself, what would Victoria (Beckham) wear?

tFS: How important is an outfit to a performance? – Could it make you win Eurovision?

CW: The outfit is of course a very important tool as you can express anything and everything with your look but an outfit alone wouldn’t be enough to win Eurovision. It takes more… It’s the full act combined.