10 Reasons Louis Stenmark Needs to Be on Your Radar

You know the Stenmark twins, right? Zac and Jordan Stenmark? David Jones ambassadors, six-pack owners and just all-round drool encouragers? Well, brace yourself. Because these identical twins have a little brother who is going to make your heart explode, and you’ll never be mistaking him for somebody else.

Here are 10 reasons why you need Louis Stenmark on your radar, if the fact that he’s a Stenmark isn’t already enough.

1. Because he has Stenmark written all over him.

2. Because he might not be one of the twins, but he sure knows how to dress like one…


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3. …and model like one too.

4. Because he has a smile that will break your heart…

5. …and a jawline destined for greatness.

6. Did we mention he’s an athlete?

7. Because he is. A bloody good one, too.

8. His fashion sense is already in the works…

9. …and the girls are already swooning.

10. Even the hottest of them all, Bambi Northwood-Blyth.