Sonam Kapoor, Emily Blunt and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Captivate at Cannes in This Week’s Celebrity Best Dressed List

There’s a lot more to the Cannes International Film Festival than premieres. From the photocalls to the affiliated parties, the annual festival is offering quite a parade of grand fashion to feast on. France was definitely the place to be, as several stars also stunned at Martell Cognac’s 300th anniversary celebration at the Palace of Versailles. Brilliant embellishments along with intricate embroidery were both trending and structure also reigned supreme. The jewels were just as impressive while by contrast, most celebs opted for understated footwear in a concerted effort to keep the focus squarely on the killer outfits and all the bling. Necklines covered a broad range, including strapless, one-shoulder and collared varieties.