Nailed It: Gigi Hadid’s 20 Best Instagram Poses

It’s Gigi Hadid’s world and we’re all just living in it. The in-demand model is literally everywhere, from the latest issue of W magazine to Topshop’s Fall 2015 campaign and she even landed a coveted spot as the star of Calvin Harris’ new video “How Deep Is Your Love.” Despite this oversaturation, we’re still captivated and can’t get enough of the model. Maybe it’s her pretty face we’re enchanted by or the excitement of watching her spend her downtime paling around with celebrity BFFs like Kendall Jenner that keeps us hooked. Originally dubbed an “Instagirl,” she’s proven that her modeling skills are on point with a large portion of our forum members professing to be certified Gigi fans. What really sets her apart is her posing prowess, an arguably innate ability to work herself into the optimal position time and time again and this talent even extends to her Instagram.

Want proof? Check out the slideshow above for some of Gigi’s best poses culled straight from her feed.