WATCH: Pia Mia Explains Her Signature Bandanna and Guam-Influenced Style

It’s not so crazy to think that a teenager in the spotlight might be a bit precious, but 19-year-old Pia Mia is a totally grounded and sweet-as-sugar piece of work.

In Australia to promote her upcoming tour with Jason DeRulo and the release of her new single “Touch”, which has garnered over 1 million views on YouTube in just a couple of days, we sat down with the Guam-native to find out about her plans while down under, how she created her signature style and if her social media world differs from who she is in reality.

Pia Mia

Photo: WENN

Talking about the Aussie lifestyle she’s been thrust upon, Pia tells us she’s given the old Tim Tam in the tea trick a go, saying, “I tried that yesterday and I nearly died it was so good”, and has learned to swap out her LA-typical “What’s good?” for “How are you going” while down under. Other than that, she really, really wants to hold a koala while she’s here, because you simply cannot visit Australia without doing so. 

It’s an even better trip for the young singer as she was able to stop by her home country of Guam on the way over, noting that growing up on the island has influenced her style. “There weren’t too many places to shop growing up so I would always take clothes from my family’s closet and just tie it, make it different, cut it up and make it my own style,” she explained. “My fashion’s kind of random.”

Interestingly, we’d say her style is far from random, thanks to the signature look she has created with her red lips, bandannas and thigh-high boots, however, Pia tells us it happened quite naturally. “The bandanna kind of came out of nowhere. I started wearing it two years ago and I just never stopped wearing it. I didn’t even realise,” she says. “I’ve never been good at communicating really, so fashion and music have been my way of explaining who I am,” she continues.

Word, Pia. WORD.