Carrie Bickmore’s 10 Most Memorable TV Moments

Carrie Bickmore

Photo: Getty

Carrie Bickmore made headlines this year when she used her Logies speech to raise awareness about brain cancer, but she’s been dropping our jaws, watering our eyes and making us laugh through the TV screens way before that.

Whether it’s an unfortunate slip of the tongue or live tumble, pregnancy announcements or kissing celebs, The Project host has been making memorable moments on air since she was a parody news reader on Rove Live back in the day.

To celebrate her greatness, we’ve rounded up the most memorable Carrie moments, in no particular order, that we’ve witnessed on TV.

1. The Qantas slip-up

Carrie Bickmore Qantas slip up

Carrie died a little inside when she reported an airline story in August 2012, saying, “Virgin is targeting key corporate routes hoping to win over ‘cuntas’, excuse me, Qantas customers,” struggling to keep it together until the end of her speech on The Project. It was possibly the best thing to happen on TV and YouTube since Chris Bath’s similar slip of the tongue.

2. The Pregnancy announcement


Carrie Bickmore Announces pregnancy

Photo: Channel 10

Everyone was shocked when Carrie broke the news of her second pregnancy on The Project in October 2014, saying, “Speaking of babies, I have some news for you tonight, I’m having a baby.” Prompting hugs from the entire panel, Carrie clarified, “My boyfriend, Chris [Walker], and I are expecting a baby next year.”

3. The tumble

Carrie Bickmore falls

Heck, if you missed Carrie’s fall at the Australian Open, you haven’t lived. Crossing to Carrie for some live reporting at the sporting event, she tumbled over, fell to the ground and off our screens, followed by some cry-laughing and blaming her wedges for the drop.

4. The Robbie Williams kiss

Robbie Williams kisses Carrie Bickmore

So many women have dreamt about a kiss from Robbie Williams, and Carrie hardly had to lift a finger to make that happen for her. Gorgi Coghlan’s reaction was priceless.

5. The Gold Logie acceptance speech

Carrie Bickmore logies speech

Carrie’s acceptance speech for the biggest award at the 2015 Logies stopped the nation, with the presenter encouraging the world to wear a beanie the next day to raise awareness for brain cancer. After such a great response, Carrie has now created an organisation called Carrie’s Beanies for Brain Cancer. If you haven’t watched the entire speech, we highly suggest you do so here.

6. The ‘doodle’ prank


Carrie Bickmore doodle prank

Photo: Channel 10

Poor Carrie had no idea that someone has doodled a doodle, if you will, on the back of her script on an episode of The Project in 2014, but viewers were quick to point it out. The presenter was wildly embarrassed, but it sure did make for good television.

7. The Chris Isaak serenade

Carrie Bickmore

Back in her Rove Live days, Chris Isaak decided to serenade Carrie with a little bit of “Wicked Games” with help from Rove Mcmanus and Ryan Shelton. Every performance of Chris’ popular tune is memorable, but Carrie’s willingness to participate as a besotted fan/lover made it one of her finer TV moments. Watch it here.

8. The toe

Carrie Bickmore toe

Carrie proved that she’s human just like us when she whipped out her injured toe on The Project panel, although she wasn’t super keen to show Australia the result of slipping on a rock at Byron Bay initially. “It’s 6 o’clock at night, people are trying to eat their dinner. They do not need to see it,” she told Dave Hughes before suffering a little peer pressure. We just love that she was barefoot behind that panel, to be honest.

9. The wardrobe malfunction


Carrie Bickmore wardrobe malfunction

It was laughs all around when Carrie’s top fell down on Rove Live, prompting Peter Helliar and Rove to cover her up with their own jackets. “I knew it was going to happen because I’m all taped in. I’m not good at this taped business,” she explained after the incident. Even with live TV as her forte, it was always going to happen at some point, wasn’t it? Plus, snaps to Carrie for moving up in the world of style since this point, too.

10. The rotten interview


Carrie Bickmore and Johnny Rotten

Photo: Channel 10

Carrie handled herself with such poise and a little bit of sass during Johnny Rotten’s sexist tirade on The Project in 2013, even though the musician was being incredibly rude to her and saying things like, “When a man is talking do not interrupt” and “You sound like one of those dreadful loud birds I don’t like”. When Hughsey cut off the interview, it was made very clear how much respect the team had for Carrie, who was being treated inappropriately throughout the whole thing.