All the Weird Ways Sia Has Managed to Hide Her Face

Sia Furler has been wigging out about the fame thing for at least the last 12 months now, opting to shield her face for all of her performances and red carpets alike.

Whether it’s an oversized hat, impractical wig, face paint, Chinese dragon-esque masks or just, you know, facing the other way, the Australian-born singer really knows how to hide from the lights, camera and chaos.

“It’s just wanting to have a regular life, just like a regular person, and still be able to make music and sing…but without having to sacrifice just having a regular life, that’s all,” Sia told Sunrise earlier this year. “Would you like to spend your life feeling like prey? Probably not.”

Other than the fact that, well, we know what she looks like from the 100-odd appearances and concerts she did before she took on her new approach to celebrity, she makes a pretty good case. The musician has been commendable in the way she changes up her masks, at least.

See what we mean in the gallery above, which is a special roundup of all her best attempts to be unknown.