11 Glorious Throwbacks From Jennifer Hawkins’ Miss Universe Reign

Looking at Australia’s Next Top Model host, JBronze, Cozi and Sesión Tequila founder, Myer ambassador and property portfolio owner Jennifer Hawkins, you’d easily forget that her success story stemmed from a reign as Miss Universe back in 2004.

Yes, pageantry isn’t all bad and Australia’s golden girl is living proof. However, a few of her days as a pageant queen would say otherwise, with Jen repping everything cringeworthy from acid-wash flares, silk halter dresses and an assortment of kitten heels. 

It’s the kind of aesthetic which makes you wonder if she really is the same girl that dominates the red carpet in Alex Perry, Daniel Avakian and Balmain these days, because homegirl has really moved up the style ranks over the past decade.

Check out all the glorious looks from Jennifer’s day as a pageant queen in the gallery above, because it really is pure gold. Never forget where you came from, hey?