Denim Done White: How Celebs Are Wearing White Jeans

Fashion is frequently cyclic and what was once a prime candidate for the clothing donation bin can quickly turn into the latest must-have trend. Case in point: White denim is making a major return to the sartorial spotlight with a little help from the celeb set, of course. This isn’t your one-size-fits-all denim trend, either. We’re talking every incarnation feasible, from slim-cut iterations to cropped versions and even heavily shredded varieties. And there’s no need to fret that Labor Day is about to rear its head since the crisp white jeans have staying power that will last far beyond the fall and winter months (although you should keep in mind that a stain on white denim is way more noticeable than on your dark-wash skinnies, so you may want to stock up). So, get ready to take some style notes from the stars on how to really rock white jeans in the slideshow above.

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