It’s the Bomb: How to Wear Satin Bomber Jackets Like a Celebrity

Bomber jackets have been a style staple for celebs practically all year. The puffed-up jackets have proved just as popular in the warmer weather as they were this past winter. But never mind those single-shade bombers — what’s trending right now is the sleeker, shinier satin offshoot. Satin bomber jackets featuring eye-catching embroidery or head-turning patterns have dominated everything from the red carpet to street style and even Comic-Con. And these latest must-haves are equally favored by the ladies and the fellas.

Big-name fashion houses like Saint Laurent, Valentino, Gucci and Chloe have all jumped on the satin bomber bandwagon, but you don’t have to save up every penny from now until Christmas to rock the trend. Thanks to brands like Zara and Topshop, lower-cost iterations are starting to penetrate the masses. For some style inspiration on how to pull off the flashy pieces courtesy of your favorite stars, simply scroll through the slideshow above.