Watch: Beyoncé and the Dixie Chicks Performing “Daddy Lessons” Was the Crowning Moment of the 2016 CMAs

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Come February 12, we’ll all plant ourselves in front of the TV to take in the marvel that is the annual Grammy Awards. The Country Music Association Awards, on the other hand, don’t always get their due. While Lady Gaga may be trying to make pink cowboy hats happen, and though Anna Sui, Coach and Rodarte channeled cowgirls and country belles for Spring 2017, the CMA rodeo just doesn’t draw in the viewers, fashion-wise and otherwise. Last night’s ceremony was, in fact, the lowest-rated ever (thanks in part to the Chicago Cubs and a certain overdue-for-a-name-change Cleveland team).

Which means you probably missed the epic moment when Beyoncé and the Dixie Chicks took the stage to perform the Queen’s country banger “Daddy Lessons.” The song, arguably the biggest country music crossover by an R&B artist (slash global sensation) in recent history, elicited mixed responses from the country music community. The Dixie Chicks, for their part, wholeheartedly embraced the tune, habitually covering it on their recent tour.

And so, two great female forces came together, the New Orleans horns began to sound, and what happened next, well, words fail to describe. Watch Bey, Emily, Martie and Natalie slay in the video above, then download the thing on Soundcloud, for the next time trouble — or the urge to listen — comes to town.

[ via The Cut ]