Chrissy Teigen Is All of Us in Her LOL-Worthy LOVE Advent Video

Chrissy Teigen stars in Love Magazine's latest advent video.

Chrissy being peak Chrissy; Image: Love Magazine

The LOVE advent calendar is the gift that keeps on giving. In addition to reminding us that Kim Kardashian is still alive and well and living in Los Angeles (slash her own pseudo-reality), today the British glossy #blessed us with Chrissy Teigen doing what Chrissy Teigen does best. In LOVE’s latest advent video, shot by Dough Inglish, the MILF mimics a classic aerobics routine in a waist-high leotard to rival Bella Hadid’s. And while you get the usual hyper-sexual close-ups of Teigen’s stunning assets, the clip also gives us a chance to admire her comedic charm. Throughout her would-be workout, the queen of #relatability motivates herself with alcohol and fast food. As she stretches to touch her toes, she’s mostly reaching for a glass of white wine. She does bicycle crunches while munching on a hot dog. And waiting for her at the bottom of her push up is a styrofoam container teeming with fries because, as we all know, nobody goes to the gym for the sake of burning off a banana. It’s like Bella Hadid is our moral Kermit, Chrissy Teigen, our so-called evil one.

The videos are just begging to be memed.

i.e. What my trainer tells me to eat after the gym (just ignore that cigarette drag):

What I’m actually eating:

CHRISSY TEIGEN #loveadvent @chrissyteigen @douginglish @seanknight

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It’s almost as if LOVE knew McDonald’s would announce its home-delivery service today…

Head over to LOVE‘s website to watch the full clip.

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