Trendspotting: 10 Celebs Suit Up on the Red Carpet

It’s the 21st century, but somehow when a woman steps out on the red carpet in a dressy suit, she still causes a stir. The most recent example was when Evan Rachel Wood showed up at the Golden Globes looking incredible in a tuxedo and was promptly questioned about what sort of statement she was trying to make. This may not be the 50s when a woman wearing a suit was considered scandalous, but there are a lot of stylistic questions that tend to pop up. Should the tailoring stay masculine or should there be more of a fitted, feminine appeal? Keep it professional or make it a little sexy? These celebs each made their suits and tuxedos their own — and the results are nothing short of dazzling. Next time you feel like suiting up, take your cues from these red carpet experts.