Beyoncé Just Announced Her Pregnancy (Twins!) in the Most Beyoncé of Ways

Beyoncé has a knack for dropping huge, visually overwhelming bombshells via social media. So it’s only natural that when the Queen learned she was pregnant with twins, she decided to tell her loyal Beyhive in the most Beyoncé of ways. Cut to this afternoon when Beyoncé posted her most mind-blowing Instagram photo to date. In it, Bey kneels atop a grassy (artificial?) knoll, her lingeried body framed by a huge, Technicolor wreath of flowers. A Pantone greenery-colored veil shrouds our glowing Queen, who caresses her pregnant belly. Her briefs are the color of the sea, ruffled to evoke waves. Her bra is the color of earth. The symbolism is clear — this photo is about rebirth, renewal, Beyoncé as Mother Nature and Mother Mary. (Bow down, all.)

By contrast, Bey announced her pregnancy with Blue Ivy at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards. Watch the video below (and skip to 4:22) to relive that world-shattering moment.