Watch: Lena Dunham’s 73 Questions Interview Is Equal Parts Woke and Hilarious

Lena Dunham stars in Vogue's latest 73 Questions installment.

Image: Vogue

Vogue’s latest 73 Questions installment spotlights the ever-candid Lena Dunham. As one would expect, the Girls director, writer and star — who reveals she once spent an entire week filming essentially topless, save for a neon green mesh tank — leaves no burning question to the imagination. Dunham invites the interviewer inside her airy Los Angeles home and demonstrates her (at times debated) wokeness through both her words and her décor. Dunham’s “Lady Room,” designed with the help of interior decorator Paul Monroe, celebrates the “queer and feminist resistance and our important foremothers and forefathers.” She’s reading A Florence Diary, the most recent book from 99-year-old author Diana Athill. She thinks a woman should own up to 90 pantsuits. She believes the biggest issue facing society today is that “some Americans don’t believe other Americans are real humans.” She wants to ask Donald Trump whether he thinks all women should be treated with the same level of respect he’d like his daughters to be treated with. Her fave Instagram account of the moment is @lovebrownsugar. Her greatest fear is being “misunderstood” — a subtle nod to her recent podcast and Lenny Letter snafus.

Of course, there’s still plenty of time for the fun queries, like who got the most wasted at the Girls wrap party and what and where Dunham’s next tat will be. (Spoiler alert: It’ll be on her derrière, but you still have to watch to learn which of her Girls squad members will wield the tattoo gun.) Plus, Neil Patrick Harris and Judd Apatow both make technology-facilitated appearances and, per Vogue tradition, Dunham reveals her best and worst dressed moments and a hilarious hidden talent.

Watch the full clip below and prepare to feel fully pumped for this Sunday’s Girls premiere.

[ via Vogue ]