Watch: Kendall Jenner Wears Vintage Chanel and Spills Runway Secrets on The Tonight Show

Last night, the Kardashian family’s resident Victoria’s Secret model stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to talk New York Fashion Week, her recent groundbreaking Vogue cover (she and an “awesome” cast of diverse models front the glossy’s March issue) and life as Love’s resident amateur photographer.

Perhaps more intriguing than her #bts modeling reveals was Jenner’s Valentine’s Day apropos vintage Chanel suit. Jenner styled the pink tweed two-piece with a simple white crop top and patent beige heels. But when it came to accessories, Jenner shunted aside Coco’s famous “less is more” rule. The supermodel layered multiple chains — one body, one loaded with double C pendants, three more of varying lengths, widths and metals — to stunning effect.

As Jenner chatted about how she never, ever looks at the audience (“I’ve told myself since my first show to never look at the audience, ever. If I do, it’ll mess me up. It’s like being on stage, I guess, if you’re a theater actor…But Kylie — sometimes, when she’s at a show, and my mom [too], usually — I can hear them screaming. I’ll smirk a little bit because sometimes I can’t hold it in. But I never look…”), we ogled her vintage chain and pulled up The RealReal on our browsers.

Other highlights from Jenner’s appearance include a bout of charades with Fallon and fellow guest star Charlie Day, an impromptu photo shoot (you guess who’s behind the camera) and more talk of what goes into walking the runway and being a Vogue regular. Not caught on tape? The outsized white fur coat Jenner threw on to shield herself from the chilly New York night. And there you have it — power suits (and funky, corporate-inspired layering) are fully in. Tune into our New York Fashion Week trend roundup next Monday for further proof.

Watch Jenner’s full Fallon appearance in the clips above and below.