The Best Celebrity Bikini Instagrams of Summer 2017 (So Far)

The final weeks of August are upon us. Anxious to soak in all the summer we can, loath to turn our minds to fall and the flurry of activity (within and without the fashion industry) that it brings, we — and all our celebrity Insta stalks — have vacated the premises. (“The premises” being anywhere that’s not a tropical isle or at the very least a beach or pool.)

And you know what that means — it’s bikini plandid time! (True, it’s important to relax and unplug. It’s also important to stock up on potential Instagram #content while the lighting and backdrop are good.) For those of you wondering what the heck a plandid is, it’s the selfie of 2017. A new form of Instagram portraiture. A term brought to the mainstream by Man Repeller writer Amelia Diamond (or, more specifically, her friend Trent). Here’s the formal definition:

“A plandid is a planned candid. An oxymoronic portmanteau brought to my attention by my friend Trent (turns out it’s been on Urban Dictionary since 2010), the term has come to mean, more than anything, a carefully calculated solo shot that appears to have been taken by a professional photographer, posted without a hint of shame or irony, and for no apparent reason other than, Why not?

Needless to say, celebrities are masters in the art of plandid taking — especially the bikini-clad variety. Emily Ratajkowski and Ashley Graham could easily teach a course on posing, framing and technique (self-timer setting, etc.). But they’re busy.

Never mind them. In order to help you with your own not-so-impromptu photoshoots, we’ve rounded up the best celebrity bikini Instagrams of Summer 2017 (so far). Use them for inspiration…or just admire their artistry (and subjects). The choice is yours.

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