10 Times Bella Hadid Proved ‘The Matrix’ Is Her Style Inspiration

She was among the first to embrace the small sunglasses trend (Kimye be damned) and apparently, 2018 is the year Bella Hadid goes full The Matrix. What started as a hint of sci-fi-inspired eyewear last fall has morphed into a parade of vinyl, leather, long dramatic outerwear and a whole lot of black in the last few months.

Of course, being a Hadid super sis, Bella does the look with her own It girl spin. She’s added pops of bold color like hot pink and red, taken an athleisure spin on the style and added on-trend elements like mini bags and gold hoops from fashion’s most coveted labels. She may be inspired by the dystopian mega flick but she is still a supermodel after all. Bella even appeared to have gotten sister Gigi in on the action, as the elder Hadid stepped out earlier this year wearing all-black everything, including a vinyl trench coat and yes, teeny sunnies.

Whether Bella is set to actually star in a reboot of The Matrix or this is all just an exercise in late 90s fashion nostalgia remains to be seen. With warm weather approaching, we’ll wait to see how — and if — this slick, vinyl and leather-reliant look evolves come spring. That is, of course, if it’s all really happening at all.