Loved by designers and avant-garde fashion folk alike, no mainstream film star evokes a stronger reaction with their red carpet looks than Tilda Swinton. Tilda, real name Katherine Mathilda, is a prominent fixture in both arthouse and mainstream films in addition to being the face of Pringle of Scotland. Her androgynous features, lithe figure, and fearless style make her a designer’s dream. When asked about her personal style, she responded that “it’s very easy for me to look like a Goth, where very little goes a very long way. It feels more natural for me to wear a tux than a ball gown – that is a kind of transvestism for me. I never had an aspiration to look like a doll, which is fortunate.” 

In 2008, the year she was included on the International Best Dressed list, she noted that her favorite purchase that year had been Lanvin pajamas, and in the next breath said that her favorite place for vintage was a charity shop in Nairn, the Scotland Highlands town where she resides. Her red-carpet choices have always been daring but in her day-to-day life she says she’ll ‘wear anything as long as it’s clean.’

Swinton has always been a huge supporter of fashion, but with the exception of her fearless red carpet choices and magazine editorials, she didn’t let it infiltrate her work as an actor until last year when she starred in “Io sono l’amore” (“I Am Love”), a fashion-filled film where Swinton was dressed exclusively in Jil Sander, and where the cut, fit, and color of her wardrobe were used to enhance the narrative and develop her character.  

As the face of both the menswear and womenswear collections by Pringle of Scotland, Swinton was paired with downtown art photographer Ryan McGinley for a one-day shoot near her home. This shoot resulted in captivating and ethereal campaign photos, as well as a short film that features Swinton running through the woods and emerging from a dark cave. The collaboration has been critically acclaimed, and will surely lead to further fashion projects for this unlikely style icon.  


Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.