Rachel Bloom Makes a Case for the Anti-Trend Wardrobe

For years now, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star Rachel Bloom has been sweeping us off our feet with her chic leather jacket pairings, tees with magazine covers printed on them, the quirkiest wrap dresses and of course, revamping the basic white tee.

Consider it performance art of a recent trend hitting the fashion scene: the anti-trend. It’s a style that completely bucks what fashion influencers purport as the latest must-have item. Anti-trend is more than just normcare; it’s your aunt who has bought the exact same brand and style of jeans since 1981 or your friend who rotates through seven different black tanks every week. They wear it because it works for them, not because a model hawked it on Instagram.

Rachel is a prime example of this. The actress has been very real about showbiz fashion choices and once brought her own Gucci dress to the 2017 Emmy Awards when the label wouldn’t lend her a dress. “Sometimes it’s hard to get people to lend me dresses because I’m not a size zero, but also I can afford it so it’s OK,” she revealed on the red carpet.

What’s the secret behind Rachel’s too-cool-to-care style? It’s probably the fact that she really is too cool to care and always keeps it real — notably posting a selfie in the bathroom before the awards ceremony with a caption that read, “My number one step for red carpet prep is number one.” Here’s a look at some of her fiercest fashion moments where she redefined the anti-trend style.

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