Celebrities’ lives are greater than ours for practically infinite reasons. But for anyone who’s toiled for hours on the elliptical with no result, used Main N’ Tail for months to try and grow out their hair, or taken the plunge into platinum blond only to end up looking like a silver fox, it’s the ability of celebrities to radicalize their looks overnight that’s really startling.  And if there’s tabloid backlash, they somehow manage to transform back in as little time.  How is this possible?


Luckily for us, sometimes celebrity style revolutions are more mess than yes. Here are three unfortunate celeb transformations to make us feel better.

Heidi Montag as a Daisy Duke Wannabe:

If Heidi’s look in Malibu on the set of the upcoming film Just Go with It seems a little reminiscent, that’s because you’ve seen it before on Jessica Simpson in her turn as Daisy Duke in the 2005 re-make of The Dukes of Hazzard. Regrettably, the Daisy Duke attire only seems to get dumber in its third incarnation – but at least when it showed off Jessica’s assets, we knew they were real.

Jennifer Anniston Makes Waves

Ever since Friends, Jennifer Anniston’s hairstyle has been her hallmark… until now. It may now be called The Late Show, but at her recent appearance on Letterman, Jen’s hair looked like she had just gotten up out of bed.  Either that, or her stylist got a little over-zealous with the mousse and curling iron combo. Whatever the case, Jen should try anything before channeling Medusa again – even if it means going back to “The Rachel” hair style.

Kristen Stewart Regresses into Teendom

No, that isn’t a small-town teenager hanging out at the local mall food court – it’s Kristen Stewart arriving at the New York airport.

It looks like somewhere in between LAX and JFK that the usually put-together starlet rediscovered her inner angsty teen via sneakers, a greasy mop, and black nail polish. It makes one wonder what vampire series she’s carting around in that backpack.

Okay, so she is a teenager, and that is a long flight, but you’d think knowing that everyone on your plane was going to defy TSA rules and call everyone else they knew mid-flight on their cellphones to tell them to show up at the airport arrivals gate and take pictures of you would make you try a little harder to look like a movie star.  Or maybe I’m just jealous that Robert Pattinson is her boyfriend.

Images by Splash News.

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