Sometimes you wake up and know instantly that it’s a “leggings day.”  Alhough they are not flattering to everyone, leggings are definitely the most comfortable pant.  They are also perhaps the most controversial, inspiring a “what exactly constitutes pants?” debate. Celebrities seem to be having “leggings days” more and more often, but their stylish slacks are less boring than the sea of black spandex you’d expect. These celebs show us how to, for better or for worse, keep leggings fresh with zany prints and cuts.


No, PETA advocate Khloe Kardashian isn’t backsliding on her stance against fur – she’s just looking faux-feral in animal print. 


Whitney Port brings the jungle to The City in these rawr-inspiring leopard leggings.

Lindsay Lohan’s name is becoming synonymous with creative leggings, and although she may have just taken a spill in her stretch pants, those ruched leggings modeled after riding pants are no party foul.

Ke$ha looks like she might have brushed her teeth with a bottle of Jack when she chose this offensive hood, but her pants seem to be that perfect combo of leggings and tights for those times when you just can’t choose.

Remember when leggings were only seen outside of the gym on kindergarten kids and power walkers? Well, The Hills’ Kristin Cavallari might be employing the most unconventional use for leggings here on a recent jog – in their original purpose as workout wear!

It’s clear that fresh twists on the basic legging are celebs’ picks for spring, but be warned – boys have been known to “not get” leggings, and wearing them increases one’s chances for the dreaded VPL (visible panty line).