14 Reasons Elle Fanning Is Our Fashion Spiritual Guide

No one oscillates between high-street Disney mode and old Hollywood glamour as flawlessly as Elle Fanning. The actor has a disarming, lively personal style splattered with just a touch of Rodarte-esque unworldliness.

Just when showbiz was ready to write Fanning off as a fresh-faced Chanel darling, the Neon Demon star showed us exactly how to carve a personal aesthetic without trying too hard to fit in. Elle’s wardrobe choices are also a reflection of Gen-Z’s love for keeping things unpredictable and going against the grain.

Elle, who practically grew up on the red carpet and is sister to Dakota Fanning, has been making Hollywood appearances since she was a tot. And when it comes to red carpets, she’s here to dismantle everyone’s fashion theories. She has worn everything from dreamy Marc Jacobs sheer corset dresses to Oscar de la Renta power suits to high-powered Vivianne Westwood couture. So, how does Elle keep it so fresh and distinctive?

“I’m a unicorn flower child at heart, mixed with a schoolboy, and the occasional Cali surfer dude,” Elle told Vogue about her style in 2017. “I try not to blend into all the black dresses in the room.” Yup, that sounds about right. Here’s looking at some of her most defining fashion moments.

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