14 Reasons Jennifer Lopez Deserves Fashion Icon Status

The annual CFDA Fashion Awards take place this Monday and while it’s always interesting to see which stars wear which designers, we’re looking forward to the ceremony for another reason. (And no, it’s not because we can’t wait to see if Barbie shows up to accept the Board of Directors’ Tribute award.) We’re super excited to see Jennifer Lopez receive her Fashion Icon Award.

If you’re wondering why the council is bestowing this honor on J.Lo, we have one word for you: Versace. Yes, her revealing Grammy gown belongs in the fashion hall of fame, but she didn’t stop there. The singer/actress/dancer actually has a history of memorable red carpet looks. From sexy strappy dresses in the 90s to haute couture scene-stealers the past few years, J.Lo’s style is legendary.

So we put together a slideshow of her most stunning looks to remind you why she is a certified icon.